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Patti Blueh is a South African born contemporary artist based in Ghana. CEO of Patti Blueh Art and Design. Her paintings vividly capture the distinctive customs of African subjects. Patti Blueh's bold pieces allow one to travel into African communities and spaces. Her enthusiasm for African culture is undeniable through her artworks, their rich yet diverse style is guaranteed to appeal to all.



Maxime Manga born and residing in Yaoundé, Cameroon is a young freelance graphic designer since 1 year. Since the drawings of mangas of all kinds behind his notebooks in kindergarten, he has not stopped drawing and cultivating his creativity. From abstract collage to websites, his creativity is limitless. His goal through his work is to show the world his vision of Africa and to show Africa his version of the world. Maxime Manga began exploring digital collage as a new art form in 2016. The artist manipulates images sampled from disparate sources - fashion magazines, photography, traditional African art, botanical images, etc. dark and conflicting themes, there is a renewed optimism and positive energy inherent in this new body of work. 



Born and based in Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire, my passion for the visual arts led me to obtain a Master's degree in Fine Arts.

graphic design, after having worked as a graphic designer for several years

years; I've been denouncing myself as a visual artist since 2021.

My creative spirit expresses itself through various media, such as video, illustration, 3D and

painting, giving birth to my artistic universe.

Constantly seeking to push back the boundaries of my art, I dedicate myself to creating innovative visual experiences, exploring different styles and concepts in my creations. My passion

for the visual arts in all their forms encourages me to experiment constantly, with the aim of

to constantly enrich my artistic universe.


Tosin Oyeniyi

Through her works, Tosin OYENIYI highlights the beauty and richness of Africa and the strong characters who have marked her life. 



Ibukun Akindele Moses (Thevisualchef) with three years of filming experience is the senior creative director for THEVISUALCHEF HQ.

Moses specializes in unequivocally telling the stories of the African people (beauty, food, culture, and struggle) that are primarily inspired by his humble beginnings through the lenses of his camera.



Franklin Nonso Ndibam (b. 1990) is a contemporary artist who was born in Nigeria. He started drawing at the age of seven. He is a self taught artist who expresses himself in various mediums such as charcoal, acrylic and oil on canvas. He draws inspiration from his surroundings, his cultural lineage and shared societal values.



I am Daniel Gyekyi Gyan, a Ghanaian born, in the greater Accra area, I discovered my talent at a young age and went to Salem High School, Accra to study, I then went to Ghanatta College of Art and Design to improve and polish my talent in art.

Today I work in a studio called Gyekyi-D Art

Each of my characters is masterfully captured with a warmth, honesty and intensity, or raw energy as I bring my subject to life using acrylic paint with modeling clay to create a great impression on the subject, I also use a palette knife to create a little line on my subject.



"A boy of culture and tradition"

This is how Moha Sheik describes himself.Passionate traveler and talented photographer. He recounts his various travels with his photographs.

Dive into the heart of Makoko "the Venice of Lagos" or share a festive moment with the WooDabee people! With his drone and his camera Moha Sheik makes you travel and discover magnificent cultures of African ethnic groups.

The bright and natural colors of his photographs will give you the feeling of traveling from your living room!



"My name is Jean-David NIANGORAN aka BLVCVKRST

I am a photographer and artist (digital art - photo montage) self-taught Ivorian. I am 27 years old and I am based in Abidjan. I started professional photography in February 2020. I have always been attracted to photography and this since I was little. Being an introverted person since my young age, photography has always been a way for me to express myself, to express my emotions, a way to convey messages. Photography allows me to feel good, to feel in agreement with myself. What I like most of all is to transmit emotions and feelings to the people around me. I like that because it is a sharing between me and those who contemplate my works. For me being an artist is being able to transmit emotions to others, it is at this moment that my art comes to life."



I am Manu Samuel (kwame Afrika). A 20 year old model and self-taught photographer based in Kumasi, Ashanti Region, Ghana. On the way, I went to a prestigious high school and studied business management. And after a long love affair with art, I ended up developing a passion for capturing images, I love keeping people smiling and happy through my work, creating exceptional visuals for you is my priority.



Discover the sublime illustrations of the talented graphic designer, Sarah Dahir nawaal_illustrations This young artist, based in Johannesburg in South Africa creates digital art. She is inspired by everyday life and fashion trends. With her art Sarah wants to sublimate the Afro art with pure and colorful designs.



I love everything on earth, but there are different feelings I get when I photograph.

This skill was self-taught, I always wanted to have the ability to create just like God did. I see the world differently, I didn't come from a rich family. I've been through a lot of bad times, with no resources, I just have to keep encouraging and motivating myself to create with the means I have. I have never waited to have the best before getting what I want, I use and get inspired by everything that is available to me.



"My name is David Ashitei Armah and I am 22 years old. I am a Ghanaian photographer with a passion for human nature. I love art and it has inspired me since my days in elementary school.

It all started with drawing and coloring as a child. I grew up with a divergence in the visual arts to come into general science.

I have come to fall in love with college education through which my love for science has expanded, leading me to offer science in high school.

During my senior year in high school, the love I had for visual arts came to me but this time in another form, which is photography.



Papa Kofi Yirrah is a digital painter and illustrator based in Accra, Ghana. He is fascinated by the complexity of the human experience and seeks to express his identity through portraiture. His work is inspired by humans, nature and fashion. Papa Kofi is also very inspired by the techniques used in Renaissance paintings and seeks to incorporate them into his own paintings. He believes that artists should grow, so he enjoys exploring new styles and approaches in his process.



"My name is Ditshwanelo Kina Mosiea Mount Fletcher (South Africa, Eastern Cape), a born self-taught artist. I am also a lecturer in architectural drawing at Qualitas Career Academy and an architectural drawing candidate at Roodt * Architects in Bloemfontein.

My journey as an artist started when I was 14 in 2012, I always knew art was something I wanted to do. Looking back is always my favorite part of my artistic journey. The process of creating art is something very vulnerable and therapeutic for me, especially because I'm not really an outgoing person, so I'm always worried about what people might say or think after seeing me through my artwork.



Eric Adé Tanauh (Rickii Ly) is a graphic designer, photographer and digital artist born and raised in Côte d'Ivoire, Abidjan. His art style falls under the genre of Afrofuturism, which he describes as an artistic movement. It is a way to

represent Africa, the African culture in a world of Space, digital, high tech while keeping the traditional spirit. It has its identity, its signature. This Afrofuturist touch that allows everyone to know, even if his name is not mentioned, that he created it. His graphic art and collages reveal the invisible beauty of his environment by exploring the unusual.



Ivorian Youthh, whose real name is Jean-Louis N'CHO, is an Ivorian photographer and student.

He got into photography in 2015 following a period of depression, photography has been like a therapy for him. He is inspired by everything around him in his photos. His main source of inspiration is Africa. With his photos Ivorian Youthh wants to show the world the beauty of Africa. With this in mind, he has created a travel group called "Batamata". Together with his travel companions Ivorian Youthh went to meet several peoples of African countries, he immortalized these encounters with beautiful photographs. 



My name is Alioune SEYE

I am a self-taught Senegalese photographic artist. I started photography in 2018 with my smartphone when I was in college. Since I was little I always wanted to evolve in art, it is after a trip to Paris that I decided to become professional in photography, when I realized the potential of diversity and resources that Africa has. We artists must change the vision that others have of this continent, the image is very powerful and is able to make a culture travel through time and space. My art is about showing that Africa is a continent of value, culture and color that should be celebrated. I have a very positive vision and I try to transform it into an image, hence my inspiration. 



Obiwuru Esther is a Nigerian base Artist who was born and lives in Lagos. She is a prolific painter that fell in love with Art after she was admitted to study Art and Industrial Design at the Lagos State Polytechnic, in between her studies, she did her industrial training at the Universal Studios of Art, Lagos. Her journey as an Artist has advanced overtime as she develops her style of Art.



I am Emmanuel Ignatius an artist based in Nairobi, Kenya and I paste photographs and illustrations into my visually dynamic works celebrating the people, culture, aesthetics and stories of Africa. My visual style is both minimalist and maximalist as I often layer bright textures and patterns over clean, simple backgrounds. I often feature photographs taken by African photographers of black artists, musicians, models and other creatives.



ZAHUI Marc Désiré was born on March 06, 1997 in Abidjan (Ivory Coast).

This young computer scientist and application developer, has a passion for visual arts, visual arts, graphic design and photography. Already in high school, the future photographer enjoyed capturing all the scenes of life he could witness. This mania quickly earned him the pseudonym "Zahui photo". It was only in 2017, during a visit to the exhibition of the Ivorian photographer Ly Lagazelle, that the artist realized that photography is not only the expression of beauty, but also and above all, a way to share emotions and convey more committed messages. From that moment, this medium becomes for him, a center of interest in its own right ... almost an obsession.



Aluu prosper self-taught multidisciplinary artist is originally from Afikponorth, Ebonyi State, Nigeria. As a child he was fascinated by comic books and comic art. 

He started drawing with a pen and day after day he practiced, observed and got inspired and continued to improve.

He thus got to know realism in pencil and then gradually in painting.

All the elements of these works are combined to describe the idea of Afrocentrism and Pan-Africanism. He uses

He saw the use of sand for hair as a way to define human origin and the beginning of the black race.



Originally from Nigeria, Oluwaseun AKINLO is a talented painter who has exhibited in the most beautiful galleries  



Ademola Ojo (b. 1995) hails from ancient city of Ile-Ife, Osun State, Nigeria. He studied Fine &

Applied Arts at Obafemi A wolowo University, Ile-Ife.

Ojo' s work seeks to outline the history , culture and identity of the Ife people. His work is characterized

by the scarification patterns inspired by the popular known Ife Bronze Head, to depict the T ribal

Identity of the Y oruba people.



Inborn and lifelong distinctive artist, Eyitayo Alagbe is an indigen e ofOgbomoso, Oyo State, Nigeria and had his childhood days in his native land. Inbuilt - talent, a lifelong practice, modern education and a one year Student Industrial Work Experience Scheme (SIWES) at Stevcent Art Gallery, Ogbomoso all combined to produce a refined "Tayo - Coals", whoois a Fine and Appl ied Arts , N igeria Certificate in E ducation (NCE) holder from the revered Emmanuel Alayande College o f Education, Oyo, as a painting and graphics specialist in 2019.Tayo, who has been an artist since childhood, ha s now been practicing as a professional for a handful of years , and the multi - media painter iscurrently studying for a Degree in Fine and Appl ied Arts at the esteemed Obafemi Awolowo University. Whenever the school is not in session, 



Hello, I am Estel MEMANA. I am a totally self-taught illustrator. I am inspired by what surrounds me, like my family and friends. I also like to represent moments of life that define me and elements that make me feel comfortable and good like plants, sunsets, reading and drawing.

My material is mainly software. In fact I use Adobe illustrator and procreate to add custom elements to my artwork."